Friday, November 16, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Peace is an accident, war is natural. Old men start it, young men fight it, everybody in the middle dies, and nobody tells the truth."

-Sylvester Stallone, whose latest sequel in the Rambo series is currently being filmed, as quoted by

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  1. You should read a book called "Germs, Guns and Steel" and they other two that go along with it. The named book won the Pulitzer prize and they are non-fiction books about how civilizations have risen. They are very interesting.

    One thing he notes is that tens of thousands of years ago there were various proto-humans that existed in Africa, and throughout Asia and Europe. The most notable were the Neanderthals. They spread throughout all these continents without a trace of killing each other.

    Then about 50,000 a group called the Cro-Magnons emerged from Africa and within about 10,000 years all the Neanderthals and others proto-humans became extinct.

    There are various theories, but one of the leading ones is that the Cro-Magnons developed a gene that made it feel okay to attack societies that weren't like their own, especially when these societies were competitors for survival.

    We descend from the Cro-Magnons, not the Neanderthals so the question remains: do we humans feel it is natural to go to war with every society we feel is a threat because of this gene? Maybe, if we descended from the Neanderthals things would be different.


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