Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Firefox Must: AdBlock Plus

How would you like to get rid of all those pop-up *and* banner ads that appear on websites? How about essentially all ads on websites?

Go get yourself Adblock Plus. It's a Firefox extension and works great. Seems not everyone likes this extension however. :)

As the New York Times article above states:

For now, the opposition to Adblock Plus has been led by small Web sites who want all Firefox users blocked from Internet sites in retaliation. One such advocacy site,, taunts a Firefox user with the headline, “You’ve reached this page because the site you were trying to visit now blocks the Firefox browser.”

The page includes the following argument: “While blanket ad blocking in general is still theft, the real problem is Adblock Plus’s unwillingness to allow individual site owners the freedom to block people using their plug-in. Blocking Firefox is the only alternative.”

Well, since all the websites I enjoy allow Firefox, I am still good to go. All praise open source and its capabilities. There is ***no way on this earth*** Microsoft would code up such a feature or support and encourage it.

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  1. I've been using it for some time and I never had a problem with it.


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