Tuesday, August 28, 2007

59 Point Underdog?

For those college football fans out there, the college football season kicks off this weekend with a few exciting games and a whole lot of powerhouse vs. cupcake match ups. Most teams prefer to schedule their easiest game of the season first in order to give the team a chance to get some playing time in an actual game without having to worry about losing. For example, Southern Cal will open it's season against the University of Idaho and Florida, the defending national champions will face fearsome Western Kentucky. Odds-makers have a field day with these games because while the outcome is not in question, the margin of victory is. People have to bet on something, I guess.

There is, however something very odd in the betting margins this week. As of today (Tuesday), Hawaii was a 59.5 point favorite to beat the University of Northern Colorado. That's right 59.5 points! Assuming Northern Colorado doesn't score a single point, that's 8 touchdowns, a field goal, and a two point conversion, just for fun.

By the way, BYU is a 4 point underdog to Arizona for Saturday's game. Go Cougars!


  1. BYU will rip their heads off. I'm being generous to the other team when I speculate that BYU has a 563 point advantage.

  2. Sadly, while BYU did dominate Arizona, they failed to cover Joe's 563 point spread as they only won by 13 after holding the Wildcats scoreless for 59 minutes. How sad.


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