Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's Just A Theory Right?

I was explaining to someone today how we believe our universe had an era around 13.7 billion years ago of rapid inflation. After this period, through gravitational collapse, stars and galaxies formed.

After I explained this he gave me the typical:
The problem I have with physicists is you guys always forget to tell people that what you are explaining is just a theory and that there are other theories out there too.
Well, though there is some truth to the above quote here is how it would be stated more correctly:
What I have just told you is a theory and there are others. However, this theory is *the only* theory that has any significant amount of experimental backing. (Which it happens to have a lot of.) Moreover, this theory has made a large number of predictions that have been experimentally verified unlike any other theory out there. Yes there are other theories, but they have no significant supporting evidence and a mountain of evidence against them.
With that in mind I am sticking with my theory. Yes it is just a theory, but compared to all other opposing theories this one is the only one that has any significant evidence backing it and it had made many successful predictions.

Will this theory ever change? Well, it will evolve :) but only in directions that offer greater experimental evidence and never in directions that have no experimental support.

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    this coming from the guy who, this summer, is studying string theory. A theory which has no experimental backing,haha!


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