Monday, July 23, 2007

CNN's YouTube Debate

I watched the YouTube Debate today. I was shocked how good it was. I specifically was amazed by the types of questions that were asked. Real people ask the tough questions. For example, someone asked if the Democrats were really serious that they could work along side Republicans which Republican would they be willing to have as a running mate?

Anyways, I thought there were a lot of good questions. You might be surprised how a lot of people stand. I am excited to see the Republican's turn at this YouTube debate in the future.

Final Analysis: CNN seemed to think Hilary Clinton won. To be honest it is hard to tell. However, in a large way Hilary did win for this reason: She is so far ahead in the polls that her performance tonight was at least good enough to keep her in her #1 position while maintaining a large lead. I have a feeling she will win the Democratic nomination. Though there are some strong contenders: Obama, Edwards and Biden,(I was really impressed with Biden tonight) they can't figure out how in any was to diminish her commanding lead. Tonight will have not have helped their cause at all, even if they technically won. For this reason she probably won.

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