Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bring Troops Home Summer 2009

I was reading a top story from the New York Times today: U.S. Is Seen in Iraq Until at Least ’09.

In brief: "
The classified plan, which represents the coordinated strategy of the top American commander and the American ambassador, calls for restoring security in local areas, including Baghdad, by the summer of 2008. “Sustainable security” is to be established on a nationwide basis by the summer of 2009, according to American officials familiar with the document...It anticipates a decline in American forces as the “surge” in troops runs its course later this year or in early 2008."

According to the article "
A core assumption of the plan is that American troops cannot impose a military solution, but that the United States can use force to create the conditions in which political reconciliation is possible." It's nice to see the military admit that. Maybe we can now get something done realizing it will take other things than the military.

Anyways, here is my call: Compromise with the plan.
  1. Ensure the surge subsizes as this article suggests, soon.
  2. Begin a withdrawal summer 2008 that will be completed in one calender year.
  3. Start acting like a military solution won't work and start the diplomacy.
  4. Let the Iraq government know this is what we are doing so it compels them to step up to the plate for a change.
  5. Have redeployed troops fight the real war on terror around the world. Ie, the terrorists that are actually attacking us or have attacked us.
I call on the nation to compromise in this way once and for all. Admit there will not be a military solution and that we have to compel Iraq to step to the plate. Secondly, admit that, as even top democrats admit like Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton, it will take at least a year to redeploy and we aren't prepared to start today. (Unfortunately.)

So compromise with this plan and let's be united as a country. Sometimes it is better to be united along a decent idea than have the best idea and not give an inch. Lets be done with this war two years from today so that we can spend our lives, time and money doing what is best for America and not policing the world.

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