Monday, June 11, 2007

Will Colin Powell Shift His Political Support?

Colin Powell announced the other day on Meet the Press that he thinks we need to close down Guantanamo Bay, "not tomorrow, this afternoon." (A view almost all republicans are against. See Video Below) Furthermore, he has met a couple times with Barack Obama and has now said publicly:
  1. He will support the best person despite political party. (This is a change from his strong republican support.)
  2. He is open to serving again in government, not as an elected official but as an appointee. (Again, making his visits with Obama the more interesting.)
I will be the first to admit I am going out on a limb with speculation here, but perhaps Powell is testing his ability to make a political rebound, this time with the "Other Party."

Even if not, kudos to Gen. Powell for coming forward and admitting Guantanamo is a bad thing for America and needs to be shut down now. Also, kudos to the Federal court today who ruled what we do in the name of "enemy combatant" is unconstitutional. Things like this might begin to restore honor, respect and a sense of morality to The United States of America.

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