Monday, June 18, 2007

Mathematica 6.0 On Ubuntu Is Amazing

I finally got around to installing Mathematica 6.0 on the Ubuntu computers in N216. My first impression is that it's amazing. Seriously, there are so many cool features. If you open up the documentation center you have well written documentation of examples of all kinds of cool stuff.

Example: Mathematica will spit out your results in LaTeX for you. You can "listen" to how the plot is changing and "beating" through sound tools. You can set a variable parameter and use a scrollbar to see what happens as you vary the parameter. There really are a lot of nice features. Looks like I'm going to get myself a copy.

And, perhaps best of all, it is lightning fast, especially compared to Maple 10. (Sorry Maple).

This is, the Linux version of course. And it runs great on Ubuntu 7.04. Write a comment if you have any trouble installing it. You do have to mount as root.


  1. Here at CU, I have Mathematica 6.0 on my office computer and it is similarly fast and flashy. We run Red Hat and my computer is a little bit "special" in that it is a quad-core system with 8 GB of RAM, so on this computer even Maple might look fast, but Mathematica is definately winning me over with it's lack of bugs and intuitive set-up.

    The rumor was they were going to switch to Mathematica at BYU. For the sake of future students, I hope they do.

  2. Hi! I still can't make Mathematica 6.0 run in graphic mode under Ubuntu 7.04 The installation did ok and the mathkernel works fine, but when I try to run it in graphic mode everything freezes and I have to restart my computer. I'd really appreciate any help.

  3. Luciano, I have never seen this before so off the top of my head I don't know what the issue is.

    Try running Mathematica from a terminal. Type mathematica at the control prompt in a terminal and tell me if there are any error messages.

    You can also ask others on the Ubuntu Forums if they have seen this graphics mode issue.

    Do you have compiz/beryl enabled? I don't think this is the issue but sometimes things conflict. Try turning it off if you have it enabled.


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