Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Move To Hardware and Microsoft Surface

Proprietary computer companies have learned the future of making big bucks in the computer industry is in the hardware. Potential money in software is steeply declining with open source projects nipping at their heels.

However, hardware is going to be in the future rich with money potential. Apple has already showed this with their innovative laptops, iPods, Apple TV and soon iPhone. Microsoft has answered these things with their own Zune and now Microsoft Surface.

You should check Microsoft Surface out. It is very innovative. I find this interesting because Microsoft's business model used to be: we will write the world's greatest software, and everyone will buy it to run it on their hardware. Since this model will slowly die in the future with open source spreading its wings, the new business model is the one Apple first successfully implemented:

Make the most innovative all around device, both software and hardware, and that's where the money lies.

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