Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I've Hit the Motherload!!

I was being bored last night and I found on Amazon a sweet deal. I found DVD collections of old public domain movies for cheep. One collection of 50 movies is selling for about $15. I acted fast and got my personal Horror Classics, SciFi Classics and Mystery Classics collections. They include such classics as The Robot Monster, the Sherlock Holmes Collection with Basil Rathbone, The Beast from Yucca Flats and other well know movies.

So in the end I got 150 movies (on 36 DVD's) for $45.45, and that comes to about 30 cents per movie. Given the price of a DVDR is about 30 cents (or less) and factoring in finding costs (for finding the movies), transfer time, DVD set up, cases and covers etc. 30 cents per movie is a good deal. Think of it hours and hours of endless, mindless entertainment. I'll always have a movie I can watch. I am thinking of starting a Peanut Gallery movie night where anyone can come and watch these old cheesy movies and make comments during the movie. Kind of like Mystery Science Theater 3000. So act NOW and YOU TOO can be the PROUD OWNER of your own set of B-grade (B to Z grade, lets be honest) Mystery, Horror or SciFi flicks!

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  1. I'm just a victim of the "You Tube" generation. Who has time for movies when there are so many Dailyshow, Colbert Report, political interviews, highlights and other important clips to watch every day?

    YouTube is in a position to take over the whole world!


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