Saturday, April 14, 2007

Apple Delays Four Months

Who was one of Microsoft's biggest critics of their delaying Vista? Apple. They spent lots on ads giving Vista and its delay a hard time.

Guess what, now its Apples turn. Their next OS X "Leopard" which was supposed to be released in Spring will be delayed four months.

I know you think this is just Linux propaganda but I will point out both Microsoft and Apple are struggling to living up to the promises they make. Goldman Sachs is no longer saying people should invest in these companies even tough they are releasing products since they keep failing to deliver. (Apple is being kept alive primarily by their hardware, ipods, slim laptops and next the iPhone. More people use Linux).

I therefore maintain my prediction:
  1. By 2008 Linux will be at a level that vendors will begin to take it seriously and begin supporting it as much as they do Microsoft and Apple.(This will take a couple years to mature. Nothing happens over night)
  2. By 2010, Linux will be a free open source solution which rivals proprietary software from Microsoft, Apple or anyone.


  1. Big problem with your article.
    Vista was delayed nearly two years and is crap.
    Leopard was delayed 4 months and rules.
    I use Linux myself but OS X still owns Windows and is better than Linux.

  2. Linux has Compiz Fusion, unlike OS X and is 100% invulnerable, unlike OS X's almost 100% invulnerability. Linux also has a number of possible visual interfaces, my favorite of which being KDE. Considering it's completely open source, Linux is advancing faster than everyone else. They do both have file syetems that don't fragment excessively like M$ Gates-OS though, or have inneficient kernels like Gates-OS. Don't forget the free part. If the article is accurate, we have a bright, open future ahead of us.


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