Monday, March 5, 2007

Weinburg, Geometry and Physics

This from Not Even Wrong: Steven Weinberg wrote a GR book. It is actually very good. However Weinberg fears that geometry isn't how physics really works fundimentally but that it is a good approximation of real physics.(It's all quantum fields, just get over it!) This is a quote from his GR book:

However, I believe that the geometrical approach has driven a wedge between general relativity and the theory of elementary particles. As long as it could be hoped, as Einstein did hope, that matter would eventually be understood in geometrical terms, it made sense to give Riemannian geometry a primary role in describing the theory of gravitation. But now the passage of time has taught us not to expect that the strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions can be understood in geometrical terms, and too great and emphasis on geometry can only obscure the deep connections between gravitation and the rest of physics.

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