Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Going Over to the Dark (or White) Side

Well it is official. I have gone over to the Dark Side. I broke down and decided to join the millions of Fruity Cyborg permanently "plugged in" to their white life lines inserted directly into the brain through the ear canal. Yes, I got an iPod (nano) (moment of silence, mournful funeral dirge etc.). I only got it because it was free (it was a perk for signing up for a bank account. Sorry, Joe is the only one other than me that qualifies, it's through USAA (military thing)). I most likely will only use it when I'm riding my bike or when I drive for long distances (my car doesn't have a CD player, or a tape player for that matter). So I won't officially be joining the ranks of the cyborg here on campus. I have thus far resisted the urges to integrate. I will remain an individual!


  1. Ryan, why did it have to come to this? Why, why, why? Your giving up on all that you have ever stood for. Like that, one stroke of a pen to open an account, you have sacrificed all moral dignity you previously held. I hope for your sake the parable of the prodigal son really has a happy ending.

    By the way, do they offer iPhone options?

  2. Actually it was with a stroke of a key on a keyboard and a click of a mouse. I also didn't know about the promotion until after I signed up. It was just like "Oh! That's cool."

  3. It was a $150 gift card that could be used at the Apple Store so you could use it for the iPhone.


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