Thursday, March 1, 2007


Hello from the wilds of Boulder, CO. I thought I'd try to make a blog post from each of the exotic places I visit as I try to find a grad school. To the left is a picture of the Rocky Mountains that can be seen right outside of the window I'm sitting next to, except they are currently covered in snow.

Boulder really is an island in the midst of Denver's suburbia. It has a 4 mile radius around the city that is only allowed to be used as farmland, so Boulder has a 4 mile buffer zone all the way around it. I'm not sure if that is to protect Boulder from Denver or vice versa.

Anyway, CU-Boulder is a very nice campus and there are some great perks for computational physicists here. There is one professor here, Juri Toomre, who is co-PI on a collaboration that uses about 10% of the nation's academic supercomputing power. He does some interesting work with solar modeling. So if you want supercomputer time, he's the guy. (I'm sure Jared will be interested in that!)


  1. BLAHHHHHHHHHH,YuckYYYYY!!!!!! As Smeagol would say:
    "you can keep your nassssty supercomputer!"

  2. Sounds great Nick, I hope you enjoy yourself there.

  3. What have they got at Boulder that they need to protect (or that they need to protect Denver from). Just wondering. I can think of some things.


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