Sunday, January 7, 2007

What I've Been Doing: Google.

I've been down from blogging lately for a variety of reasons, and since none are very good I won't bore you with them. In the meantime I have been fascinated with Google's services:
  1. Gmail- I love how wherever I go I have access to all my email with gigabytes of possible storage. Word on the street is it won't be long until it is unlimited storage.
  2. Homepage with Tabs!- I love this one so much. I get feeds from so many things, this blog, Gmail, Personal Calender,, The Astronomy Picture of the Day, News feeds like CNN, BBC, and the New York Times, and more. All in such a simple format. Above: My Homepage(click on It to see the goodness).
  3. Docs and Spreadsheets- All my Work/Openoffice documents and spreadsheets are done right on my Gmail account, again with instant acess from any computer.
  4. Picasa Photos- 250 MB of Pictures stored on my Gmail account with Picasa software to manipulate them.
  5. Gmail Notifier- Firefox has multiple extensions which allow me to keep track of my Gmail account.
  6. Personal Calendar- which I can access anywhere which has the ability to sent invitations with maps to others.
  7. Google Notebook- Ever need to take notes, Google has a Firefox extension which allows you to take note whenever you want any Google keeps track of them for you.
  8. This Blog- This blog is connected to my Google account with good things soon to come, as you shall see. :)
  9. Google Book- It won't be long before all books are online! This is a good thing.
  10. Much more which I will one day take advantage of.
Anyways, basically Google has become an entire free operating system online which you can access from any computer with growing storage which will soon become unlimited!!! Word up dog.

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