Monday, January 29, 2007

How Would the Pen Know?

This morning, Jared, Joe, and I were talking about those "space pens" that have pressurize ink so that astronauts can write in space. This topic came up because of that wonderful show, Seinfeld. For those of you who aren't devoted fans, there is a Seinfeld episode where Jerry visits his parents and is given a "space pen" by one of his parent's friends/rivals in their retirement community.

Anyway, back to this morning's conversation, Jared said that it would be cool to have one of those space pens. I then said something to the effect that really all that you can do with a space pen that you can't do with a regular pen is write upside down, and how often do you really need to write upside down. Joe then said, straight faced, "There's no gravity in space, so how does the pen know when the astronaut it holding it upside down?"

I heart Joe.

(By the way, the pen to the right is a real "space pen", so if you need to write on the ceiling, it's your writing instrument.)

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