Monday, January 15, 2007

Fortress To Replace Fortran

Java, whether yo like it or not, is perhaps the most revolutionary programming language since C++. Java set a new standard for object oriented languages.

Sun Microsystems, who wrote Java, has a new language they are working on called Fortress. Here are the two main goals:
  1. Be the most powerful and efficient programming language for supercomputing.
  2. Use mathematical syntax, not traditional programming syntax, so that scientists are more at home with the language
Here is an example:

I'm sure some readers are skeptical, but I hope Sun pulls it off. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the the most powerful and efficient supercomputing language was written in a syntax easilly recognized and implemented by all scientists? Sun's motto for Fortress is "Do for Fortran what Java did for C." In the proper context, Java revolutionized C.(Like commercial software) Hopefully, in the supercomputing context, Fortress will do the same for Fortran. That would be great.

The only unfortunate thing is, they claim they have so many features they want to implement, it won't be ready until 2010. :( Since it is in such infancy, the above notation may evolve into something even easier to work with. Also, since it will be open sourced, expect lots of libraries and extensions from worldwide users which I think can be really helpful.

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