Thursday, December 7, 2006

Wikipedia is Punny!

So I wanted to excuse myself from doing an induction proof on my Analysis homework by using the Latin phrase, ad infinitum, meaning "to infinity." Just to make sure I knew what it meant, I Googled it and that brought me to the wonderful Wiki-world. As it so happens, Wikipedia wanted to make sure that I wasn't instead, looking for the musical group which happens to be named "Ad Infinitum." Here's what Wiki had to say, "This article is about the Latin phrase, you may have been looking for: Ad infinitum, the short lived British musical group..." (embolding added).
Tricksy open-source people, I wonder if they wrote that on purpose...

1 comment:

  1. The open source people know what they are doing. It is those crazy microsoft conspirators you have to be worried about. Crazy I tell you! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


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