Monday, December 11, 2006

Recent Evolution Among Humans

A very interesting study released has detected that humans have had recent instances of evolution. The study examines tribes of East Africa.

Humans began to domesticate cattle about 9000 years ago. Before that, the only milk a human consumed was in its infancy. However, after they began to domesticate cattle humans learned that the milk from cattle contained many nutrients and especially water. Unfortunately, humans were affected by genes which turned off the ability to digest milk after young childhood.

However, this study found that three crucial genes mutated and spread around these African tribes so that as recently as 3000 years ago these tribes bodies began to digest milk throughout all adulthood. This becomes a recent example of genetic evoultion among humans.

What makes this study even more fascinating is that this happened to the Europeans separately. The Europeans began to also domesticate cattle about 9000 years ago and by 5-6000 years ago acquired the ability to digest milk. The fact that two separate groups received the same results from the same conditions gives strong evidence that if a need is there, genes will eventually conform to what is favorable, even though it may take a few thousand years.

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  1. Joe, I can't believe you would dare post a story suppoorting this "theory" of evolution. It is scandalous that you would turn your back on your Christian faith and accept proven facts over dogmatic doctrines.

    These "proofs" of evolution are just lies propogated by the devil to bring us down to hell. But there are several well founded and well documented proofs that evolution is wrong, all you have to do is google "Evolution is wrong" and there will be proof enough.

    Shame on you Joe.

    PS: For those of you whose frontal lobe (that part of the brain used is reconizing irony, satire and humor) may not be up to specs this morning just ask Joe what I really think about this.

    PPS: I hope I don't offend anyone with this comment (Please hold onto your torches and pitchforks and let me explain).


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