Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Quarter System

I really enjoy my philosophy 205(Logic) class. The professor is good and I like seeing a formal treatment on logic.

One thing our professor mentioned was that he prefers a quarter system as opposed to a semester system. His theory is that students are energetic for about 10 weeks then then last month get burnt out. If we were on a quarter system the quarter would end right about the time burn out is beginning so students are always energetic for the most part.

I sort of agree. It would be nice if a few weeks ago we were done and on a break waiting for the next quarter.


  1. That seems like a good idea, but BYU would have a difficult time restructuring all of the classes. Quantum and E&M would be 3 or four classes each. It might be tricky.

    It would also throw off the schedule of education week and women's conference (not to mention EFY) but that's no big loss.

  2. Your right, why would BYU make a schedule which is best for the students? Women's conferences, education week and EFY are more important than the students. Let the students be burnt out for all we care.

    As for designing courses, BYU could copy what the top schools in the country do. Most of them use the quarter system and for whatever reason stay the top schools. Maybe we should stick with what keeps us around #70.

  3. My high school was on the trimester system, which would be the equivalent of the quarter system in college. To be honest, I don't think it really made much difference at all. I can see some advantages each way. Personally, I prefer the semester system, because I like having the break in classes over Christmas rather than over Thanksgiving as it would be otherwise.


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