Monday, June 14, 2010

Important Life Skills... Like Programming In Python.

Since being able to program in Python should be regarded as a necessary survival skill, (right up there with how to cook food, sanitize water or build a shelter), you should be happy to know MIT is giving a free course on Python programming.

I just hope MIT's servers can take all the increased traffic their Open Courseware website is bound to receive.  Not everyone is Google you know.


  1. I've never learned Python.

  2. Stan...

    Friends don't let friends go through life like this forever. It just wouldn't be right. I'm here for you. :)

    Just kidding, I'm sure you could run laps around me in the programming front.

  3. I have used Python so I'm familiar with its syntax, I just can't get used to those dynamic languages! Using variables before declaring them, "we don't need no stinkin type safty" it's so chaotic!

  4. Actually, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this (given my former job was a software engineer) but I do not know Python! I know, don't everyone be shocked. I wanted to learn it, but the project was using Java and Perl, so I learned those.

    Rest assured learning Python is on my agenda although admittedly we don't use it in my dept. ever. We use MATLAB primarily.


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