Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conspiracy to Invade Canada

A few weeks ago I went to a local supermarket and bought a box of cereal, an act that seems innocent enough but unbeknown to me I was inadvertently supporting a conspiracy to invade and annex parts of Canada. I took a picture of the back of the cereal box which I will include below. Take a look at the picture and see if you can detect the very subtle conspiracy to invade and annex Canada.
If you look at the Northeast you may notice something strange about the border! That's Right! The makers of this cereal are very subtly advocating that the US invade and annex New Brunswick and Nova Scotia! As this is only a developing conspiracy theory I can't give more details but I'll keep you posted (so you will know beforehand when you need to buy your new flag with 51 or 52 stars on it, also so you can invest in flag sales).


  1. You would make an excellent conspiracy theorist. I would have never noticed that.

    All you need now is some half-baked argument why the government is covering up all the evidence they don't want you to see.

    Also, throw in a few witnesses who have some story which you claim is highly unlikely to just be coincidence.

    It would really make us wonder. :)

    Great post!

  2. It gets worse. At one point we did have a legitimate claim to those parts of Canada (then the British Commonwealth) as established by the Treaty of Paris in 1779, but current boundary was not set until a treaty signed 1832 established a different boundary. So we actually have a legitimate claim to that part of Canada.

  3. Those guys who want to annex Nova Scotia likely are the same ones who are opposing the use of forks. You might have something going here.

  4. Personally, if I were going to annex part of Canada, it seems to me that there are more interesting parts of Canada to annex first. Personally, these days I'd probably just annex the whole thing. Oh well, I guess if you're going to form some sort of conspiracy it doesn't have to make sense.

  5. As silly as this is, people can get really bent out of shape over these sorts of things.

    In the early 1990's a US publisher came out with a elementary school geography book that included a section on "global heritage regions" which included the Great Barrier Reef, Antarctica, and the Amazon rainforest. The problem is that while both the Great Barrier Reef and Antarctica are recognized as belonging to no single country, the Amazon rainforest makes up about half of the country of Brazil.

    Unfortunately, 6 months after that book came out, the US tried to force the Brazilian government into allowing US anti-drug forces to run air patrols over the Amazon, which is used heavily by drug traffickers. This was very unpopular in Brazil and was met with some strong opposition.

    A rather astute Brazilian politician found the textbook which by then had been adopted by quite a few US school districts and used it as "evidence" that the US was planning on trying to steal the Amazon rainforest from Brazil because it was a "global heritage region" not Brailian territory. He claimed that the anti-drug patrols were just a cover to start building up military forces for the invasion.

    That was over ten years ago but even today many Brazilians remain convinced that the US is secretly trying to steal the Amazon rainforest from them. Apparently we really want the Amazon river itself and we have a fleet of converted oil tankers waiting to haul all of the Amazon's fresh water up to the US.

    So if we are trying to annex Canada's eastern seaboard, maybe we should start calling Nova Scotia a "global heritage region". That way when we invade, we'll just tell everybody that Canada never owned it in the first place.


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